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Dolly Wheel Image of Dolly Wheel
Price: $209.00
Part number: 6010
-Lightweight Dolly Wheel design
-Ergonomic construction for operator ease & safety
-Compact and simple to use
-Durable hard rubber tires require no maintenance
-Easily and quickly attaches to any current, standard model Robotow (compatible with Robotow models: 6303, 6350, 6400, 6403, 6407, 6424, 6301)
-Wing nut fasteners for quick installation to Robotow frame
-Adjustable height range using allen wrench set screw adjustment
-Spring loaded connections for raising and securing Dolly Wheel off pavement
-High quality steel construction, coated with black PPG Durethane®, to ensure long life
-Can be used to store Robotow when not in use
-Made in USA by Aircraft Dynamics Corporation

*Remove Robotow before flight*

*Robotow sold separately*

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