1. I have an airplane with wheel pants/fairings, can the Robotow fit my type of aircraft?
    • No. Unfortunately, the Robotow only works with aircraft that do not have wheel pants/fairings because the drive drum needs to make contact against the nose wheel of the aircraft to drive the tire. If the wheel pants can be removed then it is possible the Robotow will work.
  2. I have a tail dragger airplane and I want to hook the Robotow to it, is this possible?
    • No. The Robotow is not designed to move tail-dragging aircraft.
  3. Which size of Robotow do I need?
    • Currently, we have Four different models of Robotow that fit various aircraft by using plane adapters designed for each specific aircraft type. The only true difference is the size and chemistry of the battery pack unit and the voltage of operation at 24 or 28 volts with an optional corded 120 volt model and Mooney specific aircraft model.
      Most pilots find the 28VL model with the Lithium Ion battery pack is very light weight, portable and powerful enough to do the job. The 28VL lithium ion model can move a Cessna 182 over 1000 feet on a single charge. The 24SL model is made with an easily detachable 24 volt sealed lead battery for dependable, heavy duty operation in any climate. This sealed lead battery will typically move a heavier Beech Baron about 600 feet on a single charge.
      The 28VL Mooney style of Robotow is specific for the Mooney and is the only model that will work on that aircraft.
  4. My Robotow is probably 20 years old and I need parts for it. Can I get these parts from the factory for my old Robotow?
    • Maybe. We have had many different models that have been out for over 50 years and it gets harder and harder to get parts for our older models. Typically, we need a picture of your unit first then we may ask you to send it to us for repair if possible.
  5. I have an older style Robotow with a rubber drum and occasionally have slipping issues in wet conditions. Is there anything I can do to help this situation?
    • Yes. The first thing to try is to make sure the nose tire is properly inflated and that all grease or oil is removed from the drum. To clean the drum you can use bleach or alcohol on the rubber. Typically, the Robotow loses about 30% of its friction when the rubber becomes wet or contaminated with oil.
  6. I have a lip in the concrete outside the hangar and I was wondering if there is a trick to getting the plane over this lip?
    • Yes. The best way to maneuver over an obstacle like this is to make sure the tires are properly inflated first and to take the plane over one tire at a time working the plane in or out at a slight angle if at all possible. We also suggest using some type of small wooden or metal ramp for the two tires and even the nose gear if needed. We are currently working on a simple cost effective ramp set for this very purpose. Please call if you need to locate a ramp set or need help.
  7. How long does the Robotow last?
    • Years and years with proper use! With regard to the new 28v Li-Ion battery and 24 SL, they have no memory issues. If the battery is fully depleted it takes about 45 minutes to charge the 28v and longer for the SL model. A single battery will move an average plane approximately 1000 feet. We recommend that you purchase an extra battery just in case. The batteries are designed to withstand hundreds of charge cycles and should be recharged often and after every use. The Robotow itself is built for heavy-duty use year after year. In fact, there are many Robotows that are over 35 to 40 years old still in existence.
  8. My friend gave me his old Robotow and I wanted to know if it will fit my plane?
    • It depends on the type of plane you have. The first step is to locate the web page area that describes "compatible aircraft" and find the matching adapter for your type of plane. If it is not listed here it means we may not make an adapter or have not made yet for your plane. Please feel free to contact us for custom adapters and questions about your plane. Typically we will ask for some dimensions and pictures so that we can answer your question properly.
  9. Can my old Robotow be fitted with the non-slip drive drum?
    • No. The non-slip knurled drive drum is designed for our current models only and cannot be retrofitted on our older models, sorry.
  10. Can I purchase the Mooney adapter only?
    • The Mooney Robotow is specifically designed to work with Mooney aircraft. We do not sell the Mooney adapter separately as it is not compatible with our other Robotow models.
  11. How much will shipping charges be?
    • Shipping charges are based on weight & destination and are calculated during Checkout using UPS Ground rates. Expedited shipping is available; please contact us for an estimate on expedited charges.
  12. Do you ship internationally?
    • Yes, however our website is not set up to calculate international shipping rates. Please contact us if you are outside the US and you wish to purchase a Robotow product so we can estimate shipping charges for you. To reach us by phone: 800-874-4702 Or use the Contact Us section of this website.